A bit about me...

I was born and raised in New Jersey, but never really lived there. I may not be too sure of many things in my life, but one thing I do know, I am a life-time adventure seeker and travel photographer. 

 It's difficult to find me anywhere without my camera. I shoot a bit of everything, from landscapes to portraits and everything in between, but what I am most inspired by is people. I live for the sinking feeling in my stomach, an excitement that i cant contain whenever I see a potential shot. For me, it is the greatest kind of adrenaline rush. 

I used to shoot with my mom's old D90 Nikon but then it was stolen in Bolivia. Sad. But on the plus side, I got to choose my next one. Now I shoot with a D5500 and added a 50mm lens to the collection. It is much lighter and travel-conducive compared to the last one.  

Currently I am back in Washington University in St. Louis, so come shoot with me anytime. 


You can keep up with my latest work at:

My Instagram: nomadicated

portrait of Nomadicated sitting inMacch Picchu